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    The 2022 annual summary and recognition and the 2023 annual goal promotion conference was held grandly

            On the morning of January 20, the 2022 annual summary and recognition and 2023 annual goal promotion conference of Double-Star New Materials was held in Double-Star Hotel. Wu Peifu, chairman of the board, and the group's leadership and staff representatives attended the meeting. The conference is cohesive, inspiring and inspiring. The strategic objectives of the company and the aspirations of the employees are converging and gathering here, bursting into a huge development force of courage, progress and excellence!

            The conference comprehensively summarized the work in 2022, commended the advanced individuals and technical pacesetters who have worked actively, innovatively and with outstanding achievements in various posts in the past year, and mobilized the cadres and workers to continue to carry forward the spirit of unity, cooperation and hard work, and to devote themselves to the new journey of high-quality development of the company with a new face.

            Chairman Wu Peifu made a keynote speech to the conference. The report reviews the work of the company in 2022, puts forward problems and deficiencies, and puts forward specific work plans and important instructions for the work in 2023.

            After the end of the theme report, the company's project leaders, project managers and marketing managers submitted the 2023 target responsibility statement to Wu Peifu, the chairman of the board.

            Looking back on 2022, we worked hard to achieve common results; Looking forward to 2023, we have the same goal and full of confidence. Let's work together to write a new chapter of high-quality development of twin-star in the new era.