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    Double Star New Materials Selected as one of the "2022 Top 500 Chinese New Economy Enterprises"

            On March 30th, the 2022 China Top 500 New Economy Enterprises Conference was grandly held in Beijing. At the conference, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association officially released the "2022 China Top 500 New Economy Enterprises" list. Jiangsu Shuangxing Colored Plastic New Materials Co., Ltd. ranked 385th on the list with a score of 692.61 points due to its comprehensive innovation strength. This is the second consecutive year that Double Star New Materials has entered the list.

            The theme of this press conference is "accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises", sponsored by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, with strategic support from the China Association of Listed Companies, and jointly hosted by the Shunyi District People's Government of Beijing and Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd.


            The China Enterprise Evaluation Association is the only national level social organization registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and qualified for enterprise evaluation. In the past thirty years, a large amount of enterprise evaluation research has been carried out in collaboration with relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council, which has played a positive role in promoting the transformation and innovation, international competition, and high-quality development of Chinese enterprises, and provided empirical basis and reference for government decision-making. The business of the selected new economy enterprises has new economy characteristics, or the revenue of new economy business accounts for more than 60%. The ranking selects city/valuation as the main ranking indicator for the evaluation of the top 500 new economy enterprises. Seven categories and fourteen sub indicators, including enterprise size, profitability, growth speed, innovation drive, social contribution, social impact, and internationalization level, are used as revised indicators to evaluate new economy enterprises.


            Under the background of economic globalization, the Internet and the technological revolution of information, the "new economy" led by high-tech industries has gradually emerged and is becoming an important engine for China's and global economic development. As a dual star new material with leading scale and technological capabilities in the biaxial stretching film industry in China and globally, we have maintained stable growth in multiple aspects such as enterprise scale and profitability over the years, while considering technological innovation as the underlying foundation for enterprise development. We continue to invest in enterprise research and development, construction, and key layout of new material synthesis technology, Continuously improving the company's technological productivity provides a continuous stream of technological innovation momentum for the national film and new material technology industry.


            In such a severe global economic environment, Double Star New Materials is determined to forge ahead, opening up new development prospects with innovative measures, improving development quality and efficiency, effectively responding to the rapid changes in international, domestic and external situations, and making new developments in an extremely unusual and extraordinary year! For two consecutive years, Shuangxing New Materials has been listed on the "Top 500 New Economy Enterprises in China", fully demonstrating its leading and promoting role as a leading enterprise in China's film and new material industry. In the future, Double Star New Materials will continue to strengthen the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises and leverage the advantages of industry chain platforms, providing a continuous source of power for accelerating the development of new economy enterprises.