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    Lan Shaomin went to the affiliated service enterprises for research

    Yesterday afternoon, Lan Shaomin, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, made a special trip to Shuangxing New Material and Xiuqiang Glass, two service enterprises, to carry out research, understand the development of enterprises, help solve development problems and promote the development of enterprises.

    It is an important measure for our city to promote the development of industrial economy and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading. In order to focus on all resources to cultivate large enterprises (groups), our city specially issued the Working System on Establishing Municipal Leaders to Link up and Serve Large Industrial Enterprises (Groups). According to the requirements of the document, the leaders of the four municipal teams should serve more than one company, help enterprises solve practical problems, promote enterprises to enhance their confidence in development, optimize their development ideas, speed up transformation and upgrading, and continue to grow bigger and stronger through regular in-depth links with enterprises.

    Since this year, Shuangxing Color Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. has adhered to the market orientation, focused on optimizing the structure, blazed new trails, overcome difficulties, and made every effort to promote the large-scale and differentiated development of the enterprise. It has won the initiative of development and still maintained a sound development under the great challenge of the macro environment.

    After listening to the report of the responsible person of the enterprise, Lan Shaomin fully affirmed the good development momentum of the enterprise. He pointed out that Shuangxing New Material is a listed enterprise in our city with good innovation ability, high technological content of products and strong industrial competitiveness. It has become the core enterprise and important brand of innovation in our city, and has full potential to become a large-scale enterprise with higher quality. Lan Shaomin asked the relevant departments of the city and district to innovate their ideas and handle special affairs to help enterprises solve the current development problems as soon as possible. We should further increase support, carry out centralized services, think about what the enterprise wants, and make every effort to support enterprise innovation, and support enterprise development to scale up. At the same time, we hope that the enterprise will continue to work hard to achieve the set goals. Lan Shaomin stressed that the real economy is the foundation of economic development, and it is our unshirkable responsibility to serve the real economy and support the development of enterprises.