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    Wu Peifu, the chairman of the company, was awarded the "2012 Subei Pioneering Talent Award"

    Recently, the Provincial Subei Development Coordination Group issued the Decision on Commending and Rewarding the Winners of the 2012 Subei Entrepreneurial Leading Talent Award (Subei Coordination [2013] No. 2). The selection of the "2012 Subei Entrepreneurial Leading Talent Award" was announced, and Wu Peifu, the chairman of the company, was on the list.

    It is reported that 20 enterprise leaders from five cities in northern Jiangsu have been selected this time, and the focus of the award is the enterprise leaders who have made significant economic and social benefits and made outstanding contributions to local development by investing in the establishment of industrial entity enterprises in ten emerging industries in the province, leading industries in each (city) county in northern Jiangsu, pillar industries, characteristic industries and other fields.