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    Shuangxing New Materials participated in the municipal 5G network construction work conference

    On April 23, the city's 5G network construction meeting was held. Cao Xiuming, the vice mayor of Suqian, presided over the meeting. Wang Rui, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Cao Xu, the director of the Communications Management Office, and the heads of 28 member units of the 5G network construction leading group, such as the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Natural Resources Bureau, were in charge of the meeting. The heads of the county and district governments and the management committees of the city's development zones, new areas, and parks, as well as the main leaders of communication operators and tower companies, attended the meeting. Jiangsu Shuangxing Color Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting as a provincial industrial Internet development demonstration enterprise.

    At the meeting, ZTE experts gave lectures on the theme of "embracing new infrastructure and building a new kinetic energy of digital economy - 5G industry application innovation practice".

    As a key new infrastructure supporting the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of the economy and society, 5G is considered the leader of "new infrastructure". Cao Xiuming, Vice Mayor, stressed that all localities and departments should give prominence to the guidance of planning and quickly start the planning of 5G network space layout; We should open public resources, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and promote the opening of tower resources to information infrastructure construction units; It is necessary to simplify the approval process, fully implement the reform requirements of "decentralization, management and service", and further strengthen the promotion of 5G facilities construction. Departments such as natural resources and planning, ecological environment, housing construction, and power supply should hold meetings on difficult sites to effectively promote the rapid construction of 5G. At the same time, we should seize the development opportunities, continue to deepen the integrated application of 5G in manufacturing, energy, transportation, medical care, education and other fields, highlight the leading application, seize the important window period and rare opportunity period of 5G development, and fully tap the huge potential of 5G in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, helping upgrade, cultivating new drivers of economic development, etc.

    At present, our city has opened 678 5G base stations. Under the guidance of the 5G network construction leading group, speed up the speed and level of Suqian's urban informatization construction. Our city will also continue to make efforts in ten aspects, including revising the spatial layout planning of information infrastructure, simplifying the approval process of base station construction, implementing the power use support policy, and sharing information infrastructure resources, to continuously improve the construction and application level of the city's new generation information infrastructure.